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Who We Are

We are a woman-co-founded business rooted in propagating the joy and healing of hemp.


Georgeana Ortiz

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Georgeana Ortiz, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Sun: Leo
Rising: Aries
Moon: Aquarius
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Current town: Brooklyn, New York
Hidden talent: Really good at assembling IKEA furniture. Loves a 3D puzzle.
Favorite book: The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende
Spoonful essential: RELIEF
What never fails to bring joy: Memphis, our dog. Live figure drawing.

Georgeana Ortiz is a Venezuelan expat living in Brooklyn. As the director of design at a prominent fashion brand and a lifetime student of architecture, she is interested in growing not just a successful business, but a space for comfort, relief, and restoration.


Christopher Cates
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Christopher Cates, Co-Founder & CEO
Sun: Taurus
Rising: Taurus
Moon: Pisces
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Current town: Brooklyn, New York
Hidden talent: I kind of wish this was a joke but I’m basically a professional Bosu ball dancer. I open up my hips by doing hip swivels and thrusts on a Bosu ball. It’s become a whole thing. Ask Georgeana about it lol.
Favorite quotes: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin L. King
Spoonful essential: RESILIENCE
What never fails to bring joy: Memphis, our dog. We are deeply connected.
Hobby: Spoonful and learning more about who I am and what I need to evolve – I have a lot to learn.

Christopher Cates has never followed convention. After an abbreviated collegiate stint, he was recruited to New York City and cultivated a lifestyle for which he was grateful, but not fulfilled. Having led many lives in his short thirty-something years, he found his purpose doing hands-in-the-dirt labor on his father’s hemp farm in West Virginia. Since then, Chris has devoted his time to Spoonful and discovering how he can improve and support his community.

Memphis Cates-Ortiz

Memphis Cates-Ortiz, Angel Dog 

Sun: Scorpio
Rising: Aries
Moon: Cancer
Hometown: Heaven
Current town: Brooklyn, New York
Hidden talent: I like pushing a red ball around the yard. My dad says I might have a real shot at playing in the majors. I like ball.
Favorite quote: “Scooter snack?” – Mom / Dad / anybody
Spoonful essential: BALANCE
What never fails to bring joy: I like ball!

Memphis Cates-Ortiz, as they call him, he’s a three year old sheepadoodle who lives in Brooklyn. Even though his coat is shades of grey, he tends to make the world a more colorful place with his cuddle superpowers and penchant for quietly stealing dinner off the table. He likes ball.