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Our Story


Dennis plants the first hemp seed



Let us paint the picture for you.

In the summer of 2018, Christopher Cates found himself on the brink of epiphany in an unexpected place: A West Virginia field, doing the back-breaking work of hemp farming. This was a welcome change for the Brooklynite, who’d set up a comfortable life for himself in the City but always felt at home outdoors.

His dad, Dennis Cates, had been laid off months prior. After a substantial amount of soul searching, he decided to pour his life’s savings into becoming a hemp farmer. This was big for Dennis.

Chris was initially surprised — this was an uncharacteristically risky move — but he felt his father’s enthusiasm and resolved to find a way to support this new adventure. He too had been searching for his present life’s purpose and family had always been his true north.

Things were falling into place.

Kneel, dig, plant, re-earth, stand up, onto the next. Chris was, quite literally, dropping to knees over and over and over again to plant hemp. Overcome by the life-changing magic of time spent working with nature (not against it), he cultivated deep gratitude for the land and the seeds he was sowing.

As he studied hemp, he realized the potency of the plant. This could be his future, and it could be The Future. Hemp was a way to partner with his dad, sure. But it was also a channel through which they could both work to bring the healing nature of hemp to people.

They were going to need some help.

From the farm, Chris called his life partner Georgeana Ortiz and asked her if she’d be willing to join him in this new venture. She heard a deep resonance in his voice and didn’t hesitate to jump in. They co-founded the brand, and her career in design informed the look, feel, and name of Spoonful.

Through self-study, institutional learning, and apprenticeships, the duo educated themselves while formulating and releasing prototypes. After a long and defining period of R&D, Spoonful was ready to reveal itself. 

Then the stories started pouring in.

A neighbor with mild agoraphobia could finally leave the house. A grandmother with serious arthritis finally felt relief from chronic pain. A pal with debilitating public speaking anxiety delivered an articulate presentation while feeling grounded. A traumatized feline was able to mellow out and feel peaceful again. Another friend with social anxiety said Spoonful helped her feel at ease. A friend of a friend was able to heal chronic acne. A boss was able to find relief from eczema in the middle of winter. The list goes on. They were onto something. 

Committed to caring for each other and for the planet.

They wanted to create hemp-based products using only the best practices in growing, harvesting, and processing hemp.

environmentally responsible, robust with cannabinoids, rich with hemp-derived terpenes, vegan, no animal testing, free of solvents, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, pegs, silicones, sulfates, gluten, glycols, and artificial colorants.

Spoonful hemp is:
  • USDA certified organic, grown and processed
  • vapor distillation (learn more)
  • diligently lab-tested (multiple times during harvest, extraction, and formulation)
  • robust with cannabinoids
  • rich with hemp-derived terpenes
  • made in the United States
  • bottled in Miron glass 

These practices help shape Spoonful’s category-defining products, they were born from a deep reverence of the earth and all she has to offer. Learn more about Spoonful’s intentions and founders.